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Ameera gave birth to her 1st litter on 30th December 2019. She has a beautiful daughter whom I've named Princess Fiona.

Ameera has been an excellent mother.

Kitten Blog

Day 21
Today the princess has been moved to a large pen so she can explore her territory in complete safety.
She is proving to be a very independent little miss.

Day 22

I couldn't resist adding this lovely photo. 

Day 31

The princess is trying a little solid food, but still prefers Mums milk. 

Day 42

Fiona is now enjoying the comforts of the garden room. She also has met most of the other cats, who have viewed her with suspicion, but have accepted her. 



Day 56


The princess is now 8 weeks old. She is getting bigger and bolder every day. She enjoys harassing her Mum who indulges her.

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