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Nala is Tina's daughter and it was with great excitement that I took her to stud in March 2023. Her beau was

Ch Sechem Phoenix, owned by Christine Whitehouse.

11th May

The early days

Nala gave birth to 3 kittens in the wee hours of 11th May 2023. The birth process was over in 2 hours which is pretty good going. By the time kitten no 3 was born, Nala was an old hand.

The kittens were each 100g at birth, which is a very good weight. They look very lovely, with warm colouring, lots of spots and one slightly paler kitten with wonderfully clear spotting 

As I write, I believe the litter to be all girls.

Nala is proving to be a very good Mum.


19th May

The kittens are now just over a week old. They are all putting on weight nicely and are over twice their birth weight. Mum continues to be very vigilant.
We are a family of girls!


28th May

The kittens are now over two weeks old. They continue to stay very close to Mum. They're putting on weight very well and are looking quite chubby. I am pondering over names 🥰🥰🥰.....


10th June

The kittens are now just over 4  weeks old. They are starting to explore their room. Little personalities are developing!

I have decided to call them Agnes, Edith and Margo, named after 3 little girls in one of my favourite films.


29th June

The kittens are now nearly 7 weeks old. They are now eating their own food as well as Mum's milk.
The kitten room cannot contain these lively kittens and
they now have daily excursions to the lounge.
All three are doing really well and have bouts of frantic activity followed by mega sleeps.


Edith: identified by her tiny ear tufts



Agnes and Margo

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